with owner  Mickey Carter

He started perusing a career in the hair industry back in the early 90’s and went to Laney College for a license in cosmetology in 07. But his hunger for knowledge didn’t stop there, receiving his BA in business and accounting along with 1 year of chemistry was just the start of his journey. He was inspired to start his own business in 2016 because “I want a salon that no matter who walks in, they can be service’. In his professional hair career he’s been extensively trained by master stylist of the bay area  who taught him everything there is to know about heathy haircare and growing hair. Outside of working in the salon , being published in hype hair, vogue, sophisticated hair trends magazines to also receiving numerous awards for Beauti logic hair salon and working on tv and movie set are just a few of his many talents.

Outside of being widely know for his custom (natural looking ) wigs , to his dynamic life changing consultations he is also a mentor to other upcoming stylist. Priding ourselves in being well rounded seasoned stylist, he teaches the importance of professionalism & standing out by providing the best hair experience possible. One of his main quote are ‘I was always told anybody can do hair , but can you teach someone how to take care of your hair and grow it?” To me its about educating clients on their individual hair situation and providing the best solution for them. 


Giving our Customers a comfortable welcoming experience 

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